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The official website of the Mount Horeb Volunteers Inc. and the Mount Horeb Area Joint Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services. 

 Photo copyright Silver Tree Studios.

Photo copyright Silver Tree Studios.

The Mount Horeb Area Joint  Fire Department consists of around 65 members - primarily volunteers.  The Fire Department was established on December 1st, 1890.  In 1976, the Mount Horeb Volunteer Fire Department expanded with the addition of an Emergency Medical Service at the Basic level.  In 2012 our EMS service advanced to an IV-Technician Level for the primary rescue.  

Sometimes referred to as the FDMH, the Mount Horeb Area Joint Fire Department and EMS have continued to offer service to not only the Village of Mount Horeb, but also:  Village of Blue Mounds, Daleyville, Mt. Vernon, Town of Blue Mounds, Town of Springdale, Town of Vermont, Town of Primrose, Town of Perry and Town of Cross Plains. Our governing body is the Mount Horeb Area Joint Fire Department (MHAJFD) Board of Directors.  The MHAJFD Board of Directors is composed of a representative from each of the six Townships, one from the Village of Blue Mounds and two from the Village of Mount Horeb.

With a rich sense of history, our apparatus are unique in appearance. A crisp black with gold trim, our trucks blend both tradition with modern technology.  One touch of tradition on many of our trucks are red and green lights, a tradition we borrow from the Chicago Fire Department.  The red and green lights have a strong history with the Navy and represent port and starboard.

From the birth of the FDMH and for over 100 years, the FDMH had no full-time staff.  In the recent years, we have started hiring full time employees to fill the daytime shifts due to a lack of volunteers with availability.  We currently have five full time EMT-IV/Firefighters. 

Volunteers serve to fill whatever roles they can.  Some fill in night and evening ambulance shifts, others take shifts when they can.  Without these volunteers, the department simply could not function.  The volunteers are still considered the bread and butter of the department and our volunteers are proud of the heritage and tradition of the FDMH.  With around 60 volunteers and many serving on both the EMS and Fire side, our members are fully-trained, educated and dedicated to serving the western half of Dane County. 

Are you interested in joining the fire department, EMS or both?  Stop by the Station and talk to a member!  We are always looking for dedicated individuals who have a desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Chief of Department Eric Brinkmann

Assistant Chief of EMS Operations John Mason

Deputy Chief of Staffing and Logistics Jenny Minter

Captain Gary Haglund

Lieutenant Dusty Haglund

Lieutenant Mike Buechner

Lieutenant Gerry Rick

Lieutenant Tyler Hesseling

Lieutenant Mat Hastings

Lieutenant Mike Kellesvig

To help maintain our response fleet, members within our department have stepped up to help ensure all of our apparatus and response vehicles are in proper working order.  

Engine 2:  Foreman R. Peterson, Assistant Foreman D. Kleman 

Engine 3:  Foreman K. Kietzke, Assistant Foreman T. Schlicht 

Engine 4:  Foreman H. Krohn

Truck 1:  Foreman D. Arntsen, Assistant Foreman T. Brandemuehl

Brush 1:  Foreman B. Wink, Assistant Foreman K. Sadowski


Mount Horeb Area Joint Fire Department and Emergency Medical Service
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