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The Mount Horeb Volunteers will be hosting their annual fundraising event on a new date this year and changing the name to FDMH Volunteers Jamboree.  Long-time residents of the Mount Horeb area may remember that many years ago the Mount Horeb Fire Muster was held on Labor Day weekend.  If you really search your memory, you may also remember that the Volunteers held a fundraising event called the EMS Jamboree every spring which featured a local talent show.  We have decided to bring back some of our history this year by holding our one day event on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend AND we are bringing back the Jamboree talent show!   We are hoping to entice local singers, dancers and bands of all ages to take the stage on Sunday, September 4th! If you would like to participate in the show, please find the registration form link at the bottom of this page, or stop into the station to pick one up.

Our event starts at 730 AM with The Fire House Pancake Breakfast.  At 10 AM Kid Zone, fire truck rides and other fun activities for kids hosted by UW Neuroscience grad students get rolling and the Talent Show opens at 11 AM.  Music from our bands will begin at 2 in the afternoon, starting with Staff Infection and Cherokee Band and ending with Feral Cats in the evening.  The Firehouse Minstrels will perform their traditional concert at 5PM.  Food and drink are available all day long.








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