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The official website of the Mount Horeb Volunteers Inc. and the Mount Horeb Area Joint Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services. 

Station 1 


A curious blend of technology and tradition is presented in a tastefully and delightfully decorated engine house. You need not be a firefighter or a fire buff to capture the delight that is present. None of these facilities or features can surpass the hospitality afforded by the members. No visiting hours are actually scheduled , but seldom is there a time when members are not present to conduct tours.

Quartered in an old lumber yard in the uptown area of the Village of Mount Horeb is the Mount Horeb Area Joint Fire Department and Emergency Medical Service. The building is a frame and steel building constructed in 1963.  Mount Horeb Fire & EMS moved to this location in February of 1991 after a remodeling project added offices, a bathroom, kitchen, floor drain in the bay, 20 foot extension to the bay, garage doors and a fire sprinkler system.  

Visitors will see fire and rescue apparatus-all in a rich and unusual jet black, a marvelous toy fire engine collection, antique memorabilia including fire fighting equipment, framed prints and original paintings, an historic fire pole, and a cobblestone driveway.

With fire and EMS needs changing, and the current station unsuitable to meet those needs, a process is in place for a new Public Safety Building.  See more information in Department News.


Station 2


Fire Museum

210 West Main Street

Mount Horeb WI 53572

The museum is not currently open.  Check back for updates.


Mount Horeb Area Joint Fire Department and Emergency Medical Service
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