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Home Safety and Injury Prevention

This section is dedicated to safety in the home.  Most people think "fire departments" and "prevention" relate to only those things we can do to prevent fires.  Fire department PREVENTION training, however, involves so much more than just preventing fires.  Fire departments respond to all sorts of home incidents that may never involve flames at all!  Prevention, in addition to fire safety, incorporates general home safety and injury prevention.  There are many ways to prevent accidents and injuries. Click on the links below to learn more.

Sharps Containers

Many folks at home use medications that involve the use of needles.  Sharps containers are provided for you to keep used needles safe after use, but many tend to "collect" the containers not knowing where to dispose of them.  They should never go into the trash, and they should not be dropped at a fire or police department. Reference the attached list for places to properly dispose of your used needle sharps containers.

CPR Training

Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training is definitely a certification worth having!  Bystanders trained in CPR have the REAL potential to save lives long before emergency crews arrive.  The American Heart Association (AHA) and the RED CROSS credential instructors and bystanders on a 2 year basis. Unfortunately, the fire department relies on volunteer instructors to credential our volunteer staffing and does not offer instruction for the general public.  Visit the link below to be directed to the AHA and RED CROSS websites where you easily find credentialed instructors and/or classes.  

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