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High School EMT Basic Class

The Mount Horeb Area School District (MHASD), Madison College and FDMH have partnered together and are going to hold a pilot High School EMT class this coming fall semester.   This class will involve 9 members of the 2020 Senior class.

Four years ago FDMH started the "Student Volunteer" program.  This program is for high school Juniors and Seniors, 16 and older, and was set up for helping high school students learn about the fire department and volunteering with FDMH.  The program grew with the help of Madison College and there are now high school "Fire Academies" that have been taught at Madison College, Baraboo and this past spring Mount Horeb. FDMH has nine members that are in or have completed the Student Volunteers program and are actively volunteering with FDMH.

This past winter, work began on trying to develop an EMT class for the high school students.  Through lots of meetings and effort, Mount Horeb was chosen for the pilot program that will take place this fall.  We have 9 Seniors that are interested in taking the class.  This was larger number than all parties originally thought.  The MHASD only was able to find money to cover the classroom part for 6 students.  This does not count the required book bundle for the class.  That leaves 3 students that we need to find money for the entire class and book bundle.

We do not want to exclude any of these young people because of funding.  They will be learning life saving skills that will allow them to help others in our community or wherever they are.

If you would like to make a donation, there is an account set up at the State Bank of Cross Plains; it is the FDMH Volunteers - High School EMT account.  You can also send it to or drop off a donation at the Public Safety Building, 400 Blue Mounds St.  Funds given to this account will be used to pay for the class, book bundles and any remaining funds will be used to purchase turnout gear for the students to allow them to volunteer with FDMH.  We have a goal of a minimum of $9,000.

If you have questions on the program or how you can donate, please contact Eric Brinkmann at 437-5571.

30th Annual Tree Lighting

Mount Horeb Area Fire Department and EMS

30th Annual Lighting of the Tree

Saturday, December 8th at 5PM

 The silent parade of decorated fire trucks down Main Street will end at Grandma Foster’s Park where the tree will be illuminated.  A community wide pot luck at the fire station will follow the tree lighting.  All are welcomed to attend. 


Almost 40 million extinguishers recalled!

Recent reports indicate as many as 40 million extinguishers, some sold almost 4 decades ago, have been recalled for potential problems related to operation.  The extinguishers, made by Kidde from 1973 to Aug. 15, 2017 have the potential to "clog" and fail to spray when needed according a report released by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.  This recall includes extinguishers from a previous recall in March 2009 and February 2015. The problems are related to popular ABC and BC models sold and marketed for residential applications, commercial trucks and recreational vehicles and boats.

With the "clogging" problem, and the contents being under pressure, the nozzle has the potential to come off with enough force to cause injury.    According to the report, there have been 391 reports of extinguishers failing to operate causing 16 injuries and one related death.  Furthermore, 91 reports of property damage have been reported linked to the problem.  

The recalled extinguishers were sold in a variety of locations including Menards, Sears, Home Depot and Wal-Mart as well as in many hardware stores and online retailers such as Amazon.

Owners can contact Kidde to inquire about extinguishers that may be included in the recall and ask for a free replacement.  Have the extinguisher handy when calling as a serial number and/or date code (located on the extinguisher) may be needed to identify problem extinugishers. Kidde can be reached at (855) 271-0773 or online at www.kidde.com

Award from AFG 2016

The funding made available by the 2016 AFG will allow the MHAJFD to purchase a mobile training facility which is a key piece of equipment to train our firefighters and firefighters from neighboring communities.  The funding will cover 95% of the cost of the mobile facility.  The AFG program primary goal is to provide financial assistance directly to fire departments and EMS organizations to enhance local capabilities for firefighter and emergency response. 

This mobile training facility will feature a burn room, forcible entry practice, roof prop, standpipe set up and much more.  Insurance Services Office (ISO) Fire Department Rating requires a number of annual hours in a multi-level fire training facility.  This grant will allow us to meet those goal hours.  The issue in the past, and reason for requesting this grant, was getting our personnel to Madison College burn facility for training because we deplete the personnel available here to run calls. 

The MHAJFD would like to thank FEMA, the AFG Program, and all those involved in supporting this program and securing the funding.

Report Summary Released

Chief of Department Craig Brinkmann released a summary report for the last five years.  

"This is just a glimpse of the effort and growth that has been put forth by our membership over the last five years.  We should all be proud of our accomplishments."  - C. Brinkmann

Click below to view the report.

2011-2016 FDMH Report

New Fire Station Approved

On December 15, 2016 the MHAJFD Board of Directors met and approved the new Fire and EMS station as part of a public safety building shared with the Village of Mount Horeb Police Department.  A resolution was signed to authorize the project.

The municipalities of the Joint Fire Department (Villages of Mount Horeb and Blue Mounds, Towns of Cross Plains, Vermont, Springdale, Blue Mounds, Primrose and Perry) held referendums on November 8, 2016 to obtain information from the residents with respect to whether they want the municipality to participate in the fire station project.  With approval of 7 of the 8 municipalities, (Primrose voted Nay) the project passed.

Call volume for the MHAJFD has more than doubled since 1991 when the Department moved into the current station.  The current facility was constructed as a lumber yard in 1963, and the Department has outgrown the space and the building is in need of structural repair.  The Department will save significant money in jointly constructing a Public Safety Building with the Police Department.

The preliminary cost estimate of the MHAJFD portion of the project is $8,415,000.  The Departments will begin work with Bray Architects to start on design of the project.

Conceptual Site Plan of Mount Horeb Public Safety Building

Conceptual Site Plan of Mount Horeb Public Safety Building

Preliminary cost estimate completed for new building

Bray Architects has recently completed a review of space programming for a new Public Safety Building which would house the Mount Horeb Area Joint Fire Department and the Village of Mount Horeb Police Department.  The process used by Bray looked at a list of necessities for the new building project, checking all areas of cost, and defining areas that can be shared by the two departments.  The final step of the process was to assign a total project cost and individual costs for each department.  These project costs will be used in referendums that will be held in November to gauge support of the project. 

Our share of the proposed project cost, with a goal to meet the needs of Fire and Emergency Medical Services now and for 50 years, is $8.4 million.  This cost takes into account a late 2017/early 2018 construction start time.  There are significant cost savings to the project by combining Fire and Emergency Medical Services with the Mount Horeb Police Department.

There will be many opportunities to answer questions about the process through open houses, website updates, newspaper articles and Q&A sessions with the Fire Department.  The target for most of these events will be September and October.

Process in place for new Public Safety Building

Plans for construction are underway for a new Public Safety Building to serve the Villages of Mount Horeb and Blue Mounds, and whole or parts of the Towns of Blue Mounds, Cross Plains, Perry, Primrose, Springdale, and Vermont. The building is planned to house both fire and emergency medical services (EMS) as well as the Mount Horeb Police Department. The Mount Horeb Area Joint Fire Department began studying the needs at the fire and EMS department as far back as 2007 when an advisory committee was formed to address the growing need to either upgrade the current fire station or replace it.

Feasibility and Space Needs Studies completed in 2013 and 2015 concluded the fiscally responsible choice was to begin a new station design process.  Aside from the biggest issue, that both the fire and police stations simply do not have enough square footage, the studies found multiple other areas of need including inefficient electrical and mechanical systems, non-ADA compliance, inadequate bathrooms and lack of work space for employees.   

In May 2016, a committee comprised of members of the Mount Horeb Area Joint Fire Department, the Mount Horeb Police Department, and the Mount Horeb Village Hall hired Bray Architects, through an open RFP and interview process, to lead the way toward a proper solution for all involved.  

A meeting for clerks from each village or township occurred in early June to provide information of the current progress. Each municipality is also being visited by a Fire Department representative during a board meeting to answer questions to ensure that everyone has correct information and ample opportunity to ask questions. Each of the eight municipalities will decide their own approval process; the Village of Mount Horeb has committed to support the project by adding a referendum question on the November 2016 ballot.

The project timeline, if approved this fall would include bidding the project in 2017, beginning construction in 2018 with completion in the spring of 2019.  Bray is currently updating space programming, creating a schematic design and assigning construction costs.  A list of necessities has been created and will be considered in the design, with a goal of a building to suit both departments’ needs for 40-50 years.

As the process continues, opportunities to answer questions will be available through a series of open house, website updates, newspapers articles and Q&A sessions with the fire department.

Upcoming Jamboree News

Print and submit applications directly to the fire department, or mail to 

          Mount Horeb Fire Department

          c/o G Haglund

          120 S First Street

          Mount Horeb, WI  53572

FDMH Looks for Homeowner help in identifying long driveways

Mount Horeb Fire Department would like to identify rural driveways longer than 1000 feet. FDMH has recently created a plan to help identify long driveways with a blue marker on the fire number pole, as pictured here.  First arriving fire engines only carry 1000 feet of water supply hose.  If the driveway exceeds 1000 feet, the fire department needs to know immediately to plan accordingly.  Quick identification is crucial to ensure operations go smoothly.

Through discussion with the county, it has been determined that fire number signs and their poles belong to the home owner, meaning homeowners must grant permission to install markers.  FDMH encourages homeowners with long driveways to contact the fire department during normal business hours and request a marker be installed; FDMH will install markers on both metal and wooden poles at no charge to the homeowner.



Award from AFG 2013

The Mount Horeb Area Joint Fire Department (MHAJFD) has received a $188,860 Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) Award from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The funding made available by the 2013 AFG will allow the MHAJFD to outfit our firefighters with much needed Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) which is a key piece of equipment when entering hazardous environments.  The SCBA is used on all structural fires as well as hazardous environment responses including industrial, agricultural, motor vehicle fires, spills, gas leaks and carbon monoxide calls.  The funding will cover 95% of the cost of 28 units, estimated to cost $7,100 each.  A complete unit consists of an SCBA with a face piece and one spare cylinder.

Our current SCBAs, also known as air packs, were purchased in 2001 and have seen heavy use.  Several of the packs have been removed from active service because of failures but are still needed and used for training.  Many safety features have been introduced since 2001, and will help to increase firefighter safety and efficiency.  New packs have a display in the mask so a firefighter can tell how much air is left to continue operating or if they need to begin exiting the structure.  There are also drag loops on the frame for faster firefighter rescue, face pieces with improved vision and higher temperature ratings.

The MHAJFD would like to thank FEMA, the AFG Program, and all those involved in supporting this program and securing the funding.

Holiday Tree Lighting

On Saturday, December 14, 2013 the Mount Horeb Volunteers will be holding the 25th Annual Lighting of the Tree.  The festivities will include a silent parade of fire and emergency apparatus moving slowly through the village at twilight, beginning at 5:00 p.m.  The parade will end at Grandma Foster’s Park where a tree and star will be illuminated.

The Mount Horeb Community Band will provide Christmas music. An appearance by the ever popular Santa Claus is quite likely and candy canes will be distributed to children of all ages.

A community wide potluck dinner at the fire station will follow the tree lighting.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend.  A treat or dish to pass would be much appreciated. We will provide beverages, plates and utensils.


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