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Fire Department Recruitment


Full-time employment application period is open until December 13, 2017.  Please review the minimum qualifications in the application packet before applying.

FF-AEMT Employment Application Packet


If you would like to explore a membership opportunity in fire or EMS services with FDMH, please fill out a membership application.  Drop completed applications off at the fire station Monday-Friday 8 - 4:30PM. Applications are reviewed monthly by a membership committee.  Please be patient, as the process may take several months to complete.  Generally, after application review, an interview is scheduled and a back-ground check is performed.

You may apply for membership prior to taking classes and be "associated" with the department for classroom purposes.  You are responsible for paying for the class and may be eligible for full reimbursement following a commitment to membership.  Firefighters must be Entry-level firefighter certified (are not allowed to enter burning buildings at this level) but may continue education becoming Firefighter I and II certified. Emergency Medical Technician's (EMT's) must be EMT-Basic certified but are encouraged to become EMT-advanced level certified. Firefighters and EMT's are handled differently regarding hours of commitment to the department and eligibility for reimbursement.

Firefighters must remain in "good standing" for 1 year to be eligible for reimbursement.  36 hours of training must be recorded and response to calls as available are necessary to remain in "good standing." Training is provided by the fire department on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month from 7PM until completion. Attending training will ensure you meet training requirements.  There is no pay offered by the fire department for being a member, members are volunteer only.

EMT's must commit to running shifts  at least twice the hour requirements of the class to be eligible for reimbursement.  For example, EMT-Basic class is comprised of 180 hours of classwork, meaning the requirements for reimbursements are commitment to 360 hours of shift-work on an ambulance. Generally, EMT's are assigned an ambluance crew and meet hour requirements through shift assignments.  Ambulance crews run the same night each week (trades are allowed should an issue arise)and have some commitment to weekends, usually running a weekend shift every 8 weeks.  EMT's must record 18 hours of training annually to remain in "good standing." EMS training is provided on the 4th Monday of every month from 7PM until completion.  Bi-annually, a refresher course is offered in Mount Horeb to satisfy state requirements. 

EMT's are provided a hourly monetary stipend for their shifts.  EMT's begin in what is referred to as a"rider" position, learning from a crew chief and completing an orientation process.  Once complete, an EMT may move into and "attendee" position providing pt care.  The stipend is dependent upon your level of certification and your position on a given shift, for example, an advanced crew chief position will pay more than a driver position.

Sleeping and kitchen accommodations are available for those who spend the night.

A vehicle may be provided for transport to and from classes not held in Mount Horeb, however availability may vary and a vehicle should not be expected.

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