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Award from AFG 2016

The funding made available by the 2016 AFG will allow the MHAJFD to purchase a mobile training facility which is a key piece of equipment to train our firefighters and firefighters from neighboring communities.  The funding will cover 95% of the cost of the mobile facility.  The AFG program primary goal is to provide financial assistance directly to fire departments and EMS organizations to enhance local capabilities for firefighter and emergency response. 

This mobile training facility will feature a burn room, forcible entry practice, roof prop, standpipe set up and much more.  Insurance Services Office (ISO) Fire Department Rating requires a number of annual hours in a multi-level fire training facility.  This grant will allow us to meet those goal hours.  The issue in the past, and reason for requesting this grant, was getting our personnel to Madison College burn facility for training because we deplete the personnel available here to run calls. 

The MHAJFD would like to thank FEMA, the AFG Program, and all those involved in supporting this program and securing the funding.

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