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Award from AFG 2013

The Mount Horeb Area Joint Fire Department (MHAJFD) has received a $188,860 Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) Award from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The funding made available by the 2013 AFG will allow the MHAJFD to outfit our firefighters with much needed Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) which is a key piece of equipment when entering hazardous environments.  The SCBA is used on all structural fires as well as hazardous environment responses including industrial, agricultural, motor vehicle fires, spills, gas leaks and carbon monoxide calls.  The funding will cover 95% of the cost of 28 units, estimated to cost $7,100 each.  A complete unit consists of an SCBA with a face piece and one spare cylinder.

Our current SCBAs, also known as air packs, were purchased in 2001 and have seen heavy use.  Several of the packs have been removed from active service because of failures but are still needed and used for training.  Many safety features have been introduced since 2001, and will help to increase firefighter safety and efficiency.  New packs have a display in the mask so a firefighter can tell how much air is left to continue operating or if they need to begin exiting the structure.  There are also drag loops on the frame for faster firefighter rescue, face pieces with improved vision and higher temperature ratings.

The MHAJFD would like to thank FEMA, the AFG Program, and all those involved in supporting this program and securing the funding.

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