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FDMH Looks for Homeowner help in identifying long driveways

Mount Horeb Fire Department would like to identify rural driveways longer than 1000 feet. FDMH has recently created a plan to help identify long driveways with a blue marker on the fire number pole, as pictured here.  First arriving fire engines only carry 1000 feet of water supply hose.  If the driveway exceeds 1000 feet, the fire department needs to know immediately to plan accordingly.  Quick identification is crucial to ensure operations go smoothly.

Through discussion with the county, it has been determined that fire number signs and their poles belong to the home owner, meaning homeowners must grant permission to install markers.  FDMH encourages homeowners with long driveways to contact the fire department during normal business hours and request a marker be installed; FDMH will install markers on both metal and wooden poles at no charge to the homeowner.



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